About Us


At Pleasant Valley Stone, we are very grateful to our customers for their patronage and support. We will always strive to meet the demands of our customers. This is a family-owned and operated business with the owner available at all times.

We are a full service natural stone supply yard. We offer the best quality New York bluestone products available. Our product line expands to Vermont Slate, Granite, products from Canada, Pennsylvania, the midwest, stone from the Adirondack Mountains, local stone from Kingston and Saugerties, and an array of different wallstone from a variety of suppliers.

Our suppliers are increasing every day we are in business. It is at a point that we can get just about any stone product on the market. We will always strive to accommodate your project with as much attention as possible.

We offer the services of customizing your stone design to your specifications right here on site. We will custom cut, to special order, size, and shape along with polishing and a variety of edging techniques.

We will work with you, one on one, to make sure you get what you are looking for. Contact Us today for additional information.

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Pleasant Valley Stone - 1370 Rte 44 - Pleasant Valley, NY - 12569

Phone (845) 635-4007 / Fax (845) 635-2030 Email: info@pleasantvalleystone.com